Mother Kelly’s

Mother Kelly’s brand is something we are very proud of as a family. Trevor, the owner, has been working in fish and chip shops since he was just 13 years old. We won’t say exactly how many years that is,. But let’s just say there is nothing he doesn’t know about the industry. Working for his father at his fish and chip shop he learned from the best. Therefore, not too long after he left school, he was offered the manager’s job and then became an area manager. It was through this chain of events he met his first business partner and eventually the Mother Kelly’s brand was born.

Mother Kelly’s History

Trevor already co-owned two chip shops in Purbrook and Denmead. But when he bought the restaurant in Paulsgrove he wanted a new brand. Originally, the restaurant was to be called Kelly’s Fish and Chips. However, someone misheard the name and thought it was Mother Kelly’s. We loved the name, its link to the song and the memories it brought to people that it just stuck. The Paulsgrove restaurant opened in 1987 and over the next 30 years, we enjoyed a fantastic reputation. Consequently, becoming Mother Kelly’s famous fish and chips.

Who We Are?

The Family

Fish and Chips has been the family trade for three generations. As mentioned earlier, Trevor’s father owned his own chippy where Trevor worked in his early years. He took these skills and knowledge and shaped his career. The very same skills he taught his son Nick, who consequently went on to open his own shop. Following in his fathers’ footsteps and his grandfathers before. If you are ever in Winchester, be sure to pop into Nicks shop, Seafare. They have a mouthwatering menu choice.


Throughout the generations, as a family, we have always used the same suppliers. This means they have an excellent understanding of our requirements and can supply the consistently first class produce we demand regardless of the season or market “difficulties” . You can view our suppliers below;

We use FAS 2000 Ltd to supply all our fish. They offer a high-quality range of fish direct from Norway, Faroe, Russia, and Iceland. ALL our fish is sourced from carefully managed fishing grounds to ensure sustainability and plenty of fish for generations to come. !
Potatoes and oil
MARTIN WILLLS and SOUTHCOAST POTATOS have been distributing potatoes and oil to the chippy industry since 1984. We have used their services for over 30 years because their potatoes produce high-quality chips throughout the varying seasons and this is fundamental to our success.
Our meat is supplied by Arun Meats in Portsmouth. Much like Mother Kelly’s it a family run business. They run their own EU approved boning plant. Therefore, they have complete control over product specifications and traceability. In addition, they can produce fresh meat products to our specifications as and when required.

Mother Kelly’s

In the Community

We are strong believers in supporting your local community. As a business, we feel it is important to give something back wherever possible. From sponsoring local teams to donating to community projects, this has always been the forefront of our ethos. In addition, we partake in charity work for several causes very close to our hearts. These include but are not limited too;